Protect Your Passion® 
This is not a Sales Pitch!

Dear fellow equestrians and horse show organizers,

There is something very important I need to talk to you about. It should not wait because we have the possibility to improve our sport and make it a better place for everyone involved.

We all know our beloved sport can be dangerous from time to time, hell all the time. Accidents, unfortunately, happen. We are also painstakingly aware of the costs of treatments and recovery after an accident.

The Kevin Babington Foundation is dedicated to those athletes in Show Jumping living their worst nightmares. When I wrote “Unbridled Passion”, I never expected my contributions to the sport to find their way to this all-consuming place. Never have there been more deserving people who have been the center of that need and help.  Why do things seem to happen to the best of us? 

The first time I heard about the ShowPlus® Protection Plan I was puzzled. Is there really something out there that helps horses and riders with the things we’d rather not think about? The unexpected things, like an accident that changes your own life and the lives of your loved ones.

I applaud the horse show organizers who have already made the effort and taken the time to incorporate ShowPlus® for their venues. There are many more horse shows and equestrian venues that have yet to understand how simple and elegant this approach is.  Hell, I didn’t before the Morrissey Management Group educated me; and I’m supposed to know about these things. After all I founded and own the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament.  ShowPlus® can be a game changer for riders during their worst days, should the unthinkable happen by providing reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by insurance.  Not just for you but for your equine partner as well.

Many of my challenges and the work that we do at the Kevin Babington Foundation would be substantially alleviated if all of us, amateurs and professionals alike, would advocate for or incorporate ShowPlus® at the events we attend.  Here’s a thought, favor those shows that do just that because it’s the right thing to do. Additionally, wear safety air vests as a proactive step to prevent the most catastrophic injuries. It’s such a simple recipe but it’s of little use in the “rear view mirror”. Both elements of protection need to happen in the here and now. I’m begging all my comrades in the sport to follow this simple prescription as it can make all the difference in the world.

We at the The Kevin Babington Foundation will always be there for research, information, and financial support when need arises, when possible, but this simple proactive formula is in fact the best ounce of prevention: Air Vests, ShowPlus®, picking the right venues so these extra financial protections are in place.  Getting injured equestrians like, Kim, Kevin, Alexis, or David into the right rehab facilities makes a monumental difference.  Kim Prince is at the Shepherds rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta Georgia, and I can tell you from learned experience it’s in my opinion the best.  Supplemental financial support such as what ShowPlus® provides is the difference in some cases between the best and well, something else – a lesser facility. Look, I’m not selling anything. I have no “coin operated” motive here whatsoever.  I’m just trying to get your attention so you’re more protected in this the world’s most beautiful sport. 

Please, I’m asking all of you.

Sincerest regards,