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Babington Benefit Classes

What is a Babington Benefit Class?

Babington Benefit Classes are fundraising initiatives where a horse show can designate a specific class or classes where all or a percentage of the entry fees goes to benefit the Kevin Babington Foundation.

What Horse Shows Can Host a Babington Benefit Class?

All horse shows can host a Babington Benefit Class. To host this class a horse show must contact the Kevin Babington Foundation and provide basic information about the show, dates and intended percentage of entry fee donation. The Kevin Babington Foundation will provide ribbons and additional marketing material to supplement the class.

How to Apply to Host a Babington Benefit Class?

Horse shows can enter the requested information in our easy-to-use submission form. Once submitted, a member of the Kevin Babington Foundation will reach out and gather any additional information necessary and engage to help you promote your generosity.

What Percentage of Entry Fees Does the Horse Show Have to Commit to Donate?

The horse show hosting a Babington Benefit Class can commit any percentage of the class they desire. Horse shows have committed percentages from the entirety of all entry fees generated by the Babington Benefit Class to as little as 25%. It will be required by the Kevin Babington Foundation for the horse show to commit to the percentage prior to the commencement of the Babington Benefit Class. This will be to ensure transparency to exhibitors and the Kevin Babington Foundation.

What Classes Can Be Tagged as a Babington Benefit Class?

The horse show can choose ANY class during the horse show to designate as a Babington Benefit Class. Horse shows have chosen classes ranging from the Grand Prix to 1.10m Jumpers. It is up to the sole discretion of the horse show to determine which class will be the Babington Benefit Class.

Does the Horse Show Need to Promote Which Class will be the Babington Benefit Class to its Exhibitors?

Yes. This is an important piece to promoting the Babington Benefit Class. Ideally, the horse show includes which classes will be the Babington Benefit Class in the show program. Additionally, horse shows can designate classes to be a Babington Benefit Class after the show program has been printed and KBF will utilize it’s substantial voice to assist.

What Support Can a Horse Show Expect from the Kevin Babington Foundation?

The Kevin Babington Foundation will provide custom ribbons for the Babington Benefit Class. In addition to ribbons, additional marketing can be provided to help the interested horse show promote the Babington Benefit Class. Lastly, the Kevin Babington Foundation will help promote the interested horse shows Babington Benefit Class through internal email and social media campaigns.

How Does the Horse Show Send Raised Funds?

At the conclusion of the Babington Benefit Class the horse show will submit a report to the Kevin Babington Foundation with the final amount to be awarded. That can be executed through the donation button on the website or by check. Tax benefit information will be provided at that point.

Items that we need to get a horse show up and running:

  • Name of Horse Show
  • Name of Show Manager
  • Contact Information to Show Manager (Phone and Email)
  • Dates of Proposed Event
  • Additional Messages

Babington Benefit Classes Form

Babington Benefit Classes

Babington Benefit Classes

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