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How to Donate

The Kevin Babington Foundation and How to Donate

The Kevin Babington Foundation supports the rehabilitation of equestrian show jumping althletes who sustain spinal cord injuries. The Kevin Babington Foundation also will use funds to educate those involved with horses on advances in safety equipment.

Initial funds were used for international show jumping rider/trainer and European Gold Medalist, Kevin Babington, who sustained a spinal cord injury August 2019. During the middle of the pandemic in 2020, Alexis Halbert sustained an injury after a fall from her jumper and was taken to the Shepard Center for rehabilitation with the help of the Foundation. Alexis is now able to walk independently and is miraculously back in the show ring.

​Please join us in paying-it-forward to the families who continue to have a significant impact in the equine community. It is critical we build up a reserve so in the case of an unfortunate accident we will be able to immediately provide financial help. Your donations will make a major difference in the lives of those impacted by a spinal cord injury.

All of us at the KBF hope everyone stays healthy during these unsettling times. We can’t thank everyone enough who have generously donated to the Kevin Babington Foundation. Stay safe out there! ​

Kevin Babington Foundation is tax-exempt 501(c)(3)

How to Donate to help with Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Donations were invaluable in securing transportation to get those injured to doctors, physical therapy appointments and to friends and family to reduce the isolation of such injuries. The Foundation was able to provide a much needed van to Kevin.

Going forward, purchasing high-tech equipment such as an anti-gravity treadmill will be a huge benefit to those in need of spinal cord rehab.

How to Donate to help with Medical Equipment

Medical Expenses

Many of the medical costs in these types of injuries are not covered by insurance.  The experimental stem cell trial that Kevin will undergo will cost an enormous amount.

Even the smallest donation will help with those with such costs. This new procedure is a potential breakthrough for many others with spinal cord injuries.
How to Donate to help with House Remodeling

House Remodeling

Houses are often in need of remodeling to manage the myriad of equipment that is needed on-going therapy. Bath chairs, hoyer lifts, wheel chairs, therapy tables, breathing machines are often cramped into small spaces with  little ability for anyone to move around. Funds are used for renovation to create reasonable living spaces.

Kevin Babington Foundation is a tax exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code: EIN #84-3439293

Donations will be used to help rehabilitate equestrians who sustain a spinal injury.

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