Kevin Babington Update June 9, 2020

Author: Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Gang, about every six weeks my phone starts blowing up and or I get a lot of emails with people inquiring about Kevin’s progress.  I’m at that point now so I’m going to provide you an update and some creative content so you can help yourself and barns and Kevin simultaneously.

First Kevin continues to work incredibly hard on his recovery, which has been challenging with the pandemic. He has been utilizing the hyperbaric chamber time which increases his voice and lung capacity, his stem therapy bike, and grueling physical therapy sessions which is hours of work every single day.  Hopefully he will go to the Mayo clinic in late July or early August for some more surgical intervention which was of great help the last trip.  Kevin now has more fine motor control of his right hand, feeling in his left foot, less consistent muscle spasms and more balance in his core.  It’s step by step but way ahead of the expected schedule diagnosis after his accident.  What amazes me most is his positive, patient, caring attitude during this entire ordeal.

Babington Sales and Training at full Strength Now

Both Kevin and Dianna have begun teaching, in fact Dianna was in Boston this week helping me and others and I must tell you it was once again fantastic.  Dianna is traveling to barns for lesson days, clinics and the like.  Kevin plays a role in planning as well, but it should be no surprise to anybody, though she has lived in his shadow,  Dianna is amazing. We are planning on offering training with Kevin and Dianna virtually. 

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