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Kevin Babington Foundation Partners with Riderzon

The Kevin Babington Foundation is thrilled to announce our newly initiated partnership between Riderzon catalyzed by CEO Julien Lecomte for the benefit of the Kevin Babington Foundation.  We are sure that you will also celebrate this new enterprise!

We spoke with Julien, and his thoughts reflect our overall sentiments perfectly. “They (the Babington’s) really are more like family friends, we’ve known each other over fourteen years, so of course I am thrilled to be able to help give back to the foundation named for Kevin; especially in search of improved safety for our sport, said Julien.”

In recent years as Kevin’s girls have climbed the ranks in their own right, Riderzon, lead by Julien, has also worked with them on everything from their boots to their helmets and all of the gear in between.

KBF’s CEO Jeff has always been a personal fan of Riderzon given how much they care about their customers. We thought the timing of this partnership would coincide perfectly with the USEF Safety Awareness month of September in order to really cement our message. That is why starting September 9th if you use the code KBF22 at checkout, every purchase made going forward on the website will be donating a full 10% of those purchases to the Babington Foundation.

So, after you finish reading this and need any online shopping, for that new gear you’re getting yourself or your horse head straight to Riderzon! On top of making a fantastic purchase, their merchandise featuring everything from Fabbri to Samshield, you will also be donating towards an incredible foundation that supports those who are enduring show jumping related spinal injuries. Check out to learn more.

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