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Update: Important Update – Kevin and Kim

Kevin’s Update

The Kevin Babington Foundation continues to work harder than ever in support of our athletes who have spinal cord injuries. The Foundation’s support of late has included an important partnership with the Canine Support Teams.

First, Kevin has undergone extensive surgical interventions to propel his recovery to include new and exciting breakthroughs with “dancing molecules”.  As stunning as that sounds, the point is to cause stem cell and other interventions to adhere to the site of the injured section of the spinal cord.  Courageously, Kevin spent several weeks with these surgical procedures, sponsored by KBF funding, and is now experiencing feeling in his ankle, back, and toes.  There has been movement and sensation where there was not prior to the procedures.

The most inspiring part of Kevin’s continued progress, is the tenacity, sweat and dedication he displays every day.  Kevin spends many hours each week in grueling physical therapy.  He is now ably assisted by his service dog, Samantha, that was reunited with Kevin on July 5 through the remarkable Canine Support Team Foundation in partnership with KBF.

Kim’s Update

Kimberly Prince has made very promising progress during her first two weeks at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta following her spinal cord injury at the Upperville Colt and Horse Show in early June.  The program is intensive, and Kim has been hard at work building back her strength.  She is experiencing increased mobility in her legs, arms, and hands. Kim is in the best place possible to continue the healing process with support from her daughter Lydia and friends around the world.

Kim’s determination, focus and sense of humor are fully present.  With the generous backing of so many friends in the community who are contributing to the Kevin Babington Foundation, Kim will continue to have the best chance of recovery.  She will remain at the Shepherd Center through August when she plans to return home to Virginia for additional outpatient rehabilitation.  While working hard on her recovery, Kim will also be cheering on the KP, LLC team competing in Traverse City.

Thank you to all who continue to contribute to Kim’s recovery through the Babington Foundation.

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